There is infinite value in learning a new language and culture. Our classes are unique because we base the framework of your class to fit your needs specifically. Depending on your level of pre-existing knowledge, your ultimate goals, your learning style and your schedule we tailor the classes to best suit you. We offer one-on-one classes as well as group classes for both adults and children. We almost always have available spots for new students, so please inquire through the form below to tell us exactly what you are looking for. If you wish to take classes for an extended amount of time or if you simply wish to brush up your knowledge before traveling abroad, we can help!


Individual Classes ~ per hour

$55 for one class, $250 for 5 classes, $475 for 10 classes

Group Classes (2 or more of the same level) ~ per hour, per person

$30/for one class, $150 for 5 classes, $300 for 10 classes

Please select one of the forms below.   Once you submit your inquiry and we will contact you directly. We look forward to getting you started on your path to learning a new language!

Information Request – Class Inquiry for Adults

Information Request – Class Inquiry for Children